Petru Soroaga
Arts, Oil paintings, Crafts
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Send me any general inquiries or any question about any particular painting or article.

All my paintings are done in oil paints, on canvas. They have a black/dark wood margin, so they are ready to hang on the wall.
If a painting is already given (or not available) and you want it, contact me about making a new one (can make it scaled to any size).
If you are enquiring about a particular painting, please check it's availability first (in it's description).
About me:
  Just a regular folk and his hobbies: Painting, ofcourse; Building electronic stuff, especially related to remote control devices, wireless communication (radio, video, audio, HD) devices, automated flying machines.
Building airplanes, drones, and unmanned flying vehicles in general. And ofcourse flying them :)

That's all ladies & gents.